Want to restore the natural balance in your body? Try detoxing.

Detoxing diets, teas, and herbal remedies have been a huge trend in the health and wellness community.  You’ve probably seen a lot of marketing material and articles out there. But it’s hard to find the good information. 

So here’s a quick summary to get you up to speed!

Here are 3 reasons why you should try detoxing

#1. Detoxing enhances immune system function

Detoxing helps our body expel chemicals, preservatives and pesticides. This helps your overall health by bringing your body back to balance and improves the function of your immune system.

#2. Detoxing helps you lose weight and helps you age better

Toxins in your body lower your ability to efficiently burn fat and makes it harder for you to lose weight. 

Removing these toxins can boost your weight loss and help you age better by removing the free radicals and heavy metals associated with ageing. 

#3. Detoxing improves your sleep and helps clear your skin

Removing toxins from your body will provide you with deeper sleep. This means you won’t need as much of it to reap the benefits of longer sleep.

At the same time, fewer toxins in your body (plus better sleep) means stronger hair and nails and even less acne and zits!

Here are some ways to detox properly:

#1. Eliminate alcohol and increase water intake

Excessive alcohol consumption damages the liver’s functions and slows the processes of toxin removal from your body. 

If you want to detox, stay clear of alcohol for a while.

Instead, drink more water. Water is essential for the detoxing process as it lubricates the body and aids in the process of toxin removal. 

#2. Decrease the intake of sugars and processed foods

Increased intake of sugar and processed foods has directly been linked to an increased level of toxins in our bodies. 

Focusing on a diet of fresh fruits and vegetables, along with healthy proteins from fish, meat or plant sources is key.

#3. Introduce exercise and focus on sleep quality

Exercise not only increases the consumption of calories by our body but also improves and quickens the process of toxin removal. 

Recovery and sleep are essential in the process, as the body will be under more stress from the added exercise.


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