What We Do
What we do
  • Naturopathic medicine is a complete system of medical thought first named in the USA in the late 1800’s’
  • Naturopathy is based on holistic understanding of anatomy, physiology, pathology and the person as whole being
  • We seek to remove obstacles to restore you to health and wellness using natural medicine and holistic practices
  • Nutritional medicine applies the understanding of biochemistry, micro-nutrients (vitamins & minerals) and macro-nutrients (proteins, carbohydrate & fat) to prevent, treat and correct imbalances in the individual
  • Medical hypnosis can help you to help yourself to overcome issues such as chronic pain, anxiety and stress disorders
  • Hypnosis is widely used in hospitals for pain control, anxiety and stress management by both doctors and nurses such as myself
  • Clinical hypnosis can benefit children with enuresis, anxiety and stomach issues as well as sleeping and behavioural problems
  • Clinical hypnosis can benefit weight-loss patients as they struggle with new behaviours and change
  • Individuals with poor self-esteem benefit greatly from clinical hypnosis as they discover strength and positive behavours and thoughts they didn’t know they had
  • Medical herbalism uses herbal medicine at medicinal doses to achieve your desired wellness outcome
  • Medical herbalism has a long tradition of use spanning thousands of years and many countries, science has caught up with nature and evidence and research is mounting that supports its current use
  • Be who you want to be, with the support and guidance of a qualified health coach that has your interests at heart