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Skype Clinical Hypnosis for Insomnia with Naturopaths in Adelaide
Isn’t it incredibly annoying how you can’t sleep?

All your preparation (or lack thereof) for bed has come to naught. Sleeplessness… you know it’s going to happen yet you can do nothing about it? All you really want to a full night’s sleep, something you’ve not had for the longest time, perhaps frustration boils within you making it even harder to fall asleep? You don’t want to take tablets as they can often make you feel groggy in the morning and it just doesn’t feel like you’ve gone to sleep all, it feels chemically induced without the resultant refreshing afterglow of a real night’s sleep. Insomnia, how we hate it!

Hypnosis for Insomnia

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This is where some Skype sessions with Geraldine in Australia can help you. Time zones are in your favour, you can be seen when you need to be seen… When you’re preparing for bed, late in the evening when you know your head is still too full for sleep to be a possibility. Mix hypnosis with a desire to sleep and in just a few sessions you’ll be able to achieve your dreams!

In the first session with Geraldine we’ll go through your diet and lifestyle together, this is a theme through each consult, as there are many issues that lead up to sleepless nights, many that you are aware of, but are too tired to think of an answer to whilst you are so sleep deprived.

Foods can be a major trigger to sleep loss as can alcohol, coffee and other stimulants although you may not realise it at the time. Working right up to bedtime is often an issue with people as their minds are still active from all the work they have undertaken on the computer or on the phone. Not doing anything… Strange but true can be another reason for not sleeping, you’re so tired you laze in front of the television which stimulates the eyes and some of the brain but really not much else… Have you tried yoga or meditation?

Did you know you use more calories reading a book than watching the TV?

Each session will our naturopaths in Adelaide end with a hypnosis session, the first consult will only be a short relaxation session to get you used to the idea that you are in control that nothing will happen that you don’t want to happen. Clinical or medical hypnosis has grounding in ethics, unlike stage hypnosis a deep sense of relaxation and calm come with experiencing hypnosis. You’ll learn self-hypnosis with Geraldine enabling you to undertake this deeply relaxing and satisfying experience whenever you need to. You’ll learn about yourself in your own way and in your own time. Being able to communicate with an accredited practitioner means you know you are in the right hands.

So here’s a rundown of what to expect from your sessions:

  • Lifestyle and diet discussion with a plan for changes you’ll need to make for yourself (baby steps, at your own pace, no great leaps, don’t worrying!) short 10 minute relaxing hypnosis session.
  • Lifestyle & diet discussion, what worked and what didn’t, how we change and or improve on your wellness homework. Slightly longer hypnosis session, 15 minutes including some deepening and communication.
  • Short lifestyle & diet discussion with a 40 minute hypnosis session where you learn self hypnosis and make specific suggestions/requests to aid you in your day today life
  • Reinforce self-hypnosis learning; discuss how things are going and areas to be improved.

The first 4 sessions with our Naturopath Adelaide Southern Suburbs are planned quite close together and paid for as a group prior to commencement of the sessions via direct deposit. The fifth and subsequent sessions are support sessions and planned ahead (booked at the initial booking times) but paid just prior to session commencement. These sessions are similar to the first session format in that it’s a short hypnosis session, now reinforcing your own abilities rather than teaching them, but works on your diet and lifestyle changes supporting you to continue your new found self awareness and proven ability to change