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Top 3 Effective Hypnosis Treatments for Those With Anxiety
Reducing Anxiety –

There are many reasons why we suffer from anxiety and everyone suffers in a different way, what gives you anxiety may be completely different to what gives other anxiety, but your anxiety is just as real as theirs and you are suffering a debilitating illness.

Permanent solutions –

Medications may not be a permanent solution for your anxiety issues, you may not want to take them or you simply haven’t yet sought out any other form of help. Geraldine will discuss with you a number of ways to care for yourself and your anxiety issues, she will refer you to other medical professionals should you want her to.

Regaining calm and the balance in your life is something we all try to achieve, but it can be tough to find a way and a therapist that suits you. Over the years, people adapting to more natural ways have started putting their faith in hypnosis as a treatment for anxiety issues, used during wars and conflicts around the globe hypnosis supports your natural recovery. It is the mastery of the brain waves that amalgamates with that of the clients and takes mental relaxation to a different level. Your subconscious is supported and in turn supports you.

Various types of hypnosis:

People all over the world diagnosed as anxiety patients are treated with various types of hypnosis depending on their requirement. The service related to anxiety treatment in Adelaide help the patients to take control of their situations by opting for various kinds of hypnosis. Let us take a closer look at the various types for settling on the best one.

Hypnotherapy: This treatment is undertaken by qualified health professionals, using suggestions that may generate a feeling of peace and optimism among the clients. Moreover, this therapy helps the patients to develop a sense of calmness as well as self-confidence. This hypnosis therapy is effective on those who are dealing with anxiety issues.

Hypnotherapy:It is known to be the most powerful treatments for anxiety issues. The practitioners utilise a set of reliable diagnostic tools for intervening into the troubling thoughts of the clients. Through hypnosis, they try to enable customers in making new decisions in their subconscious mind. However, it is not at all forceful from the practitioners’ part; rather the customers take deliberate decisions in their own mind to support their desire to change and recover.

Self-hypnosis: Self-hypnosis is taught during the hypnosis sessions and is the more preferred process for the patients as well as the practitioners. Under this treatment, clients are taught to hypnotise themselves by following a particular method. The client remains in control and develops calmness inside. The client possesses full control of taking important decisions. Most of the practitioners related to the naturopath in Adelaide enable their clients to develop skills for performing the self-hypnosis treatment. Self-hypnosis helps the patients to access their inner self and live in a peaceful moment.

A myth regarding hypnotic treatment is that clients lose control and make decisions in a hallucinating state. However, this is an entirely wrong perception as it is scientifically proven that people only release their tension during hypnosis, but never falls out of their control. Moreover, they become capable of making better decisions staying in a stress-free zone.

Top 3 Methods of Anxiety Treatment in Adelaide

What is anxiety?

Anxiety Treatment in Adelaide
Working together to support anxiety treatment in Adelaide

Anxiety is designed to protect us against anything that threatens our well-being. Sometimes the response of the body to threats is characterised by intense, short-lived and sudden bodily responses which can leave your heart pounding. But it some cases, it can also be prolonged like in situations where people face marital disorders, exams and financial crisis, here we treat the cause not just the symptoms when we look at anxiety treatment Adelaide.

The thing with anxiety is that if it goes on for far too long or is to intense, it can paralyze one’s ability to act, which may lead to depression, insomnia, hypertension, stomach issues such as IBS and overall poor quality of life. In fact, it is estimated that nearly 25% of the population suffer from anxiety disorders at some point in their lives.

Some of the most popular methods of anxiety treatment in Adelaide are:-


Over the years, prescription medication has proven to be a somewhat effective treatment method for anxiety attacks. For people who suffer from anxiety disorders trying at least one medication that helps in reducing the symptoms of anxiety may be sought. However many people find with medication that they are not resolving the issue only masking it. Medications often have side effects, which can either be small or severe in nature. Also, once you start the medication, you may have to continue to take it for long periods of time. Some people self-prescribe herbal medicines, but unfortunately these over the counter medications often have side effects due to the poor ingredient and product quality, here at IBS clinic Adelaide we can support your medication or herbal choices as we support you through your journey of recovery.

Cognitive behavioural therapy

This is a treatment which identifies the thoughts of a person preceding their actions. This way, the thoughts are changed which invariably alters one’s behaviour.

In some forms of mental illness, CBT can be successful but since it doesn’t actually target the emotions, it’s never really been an effective method for anxiety treatment Adelaide. Some evidence suggests success ranges well below 50%, but this technique can take time to take effect.


Over the years, hypnosis has grown to be an extremely effective method for treating anxiety. Through this approach, you can boost your confidence and self-belief along with reducing the feelings of intense worry and fear. People learn what is triggering their anxiety, and work to resolve the issue.

These days, an IBS clinic Adelaide has become the preferred choice for people looking who are suffering from anxiety disorders. But that’s not all; an IBS Clinic can offer you several kinds of naturopathy treatments and a proactive approach to resolving health issues.