What are the most common male issues?

Men face many potential health-related issues across the course of their lives, such as stress-related problems, prostate issues, heart disease, high cholesterol, blood pressure, cancers, sexual disfunctions and many more.

How to fix erectile dysfunction? Erectile dysfunction (ED) is one of the most common issues faced by men around the world. What causes it? There are myriad factors that can come into play here, stress, relationship problems, fatigue, sleeping disorders, alcohol and other substance use can all contribute.

There are several ways to treat ED. One of the most common is the use of oral medications such as Viagra, Cialis or Vardenafil, which can be highly effective. However, these medications may not be appropriate for everyone. For example, if you are on certain other medications or have certain cardiovascular issues.

When you experience the warning signs of erectile dysfunction, it is best to address it quickly, rather than wait and allow the problem to get worse. Although it is a difficult topic to discuss, it is important that you get it out in the open and ensure that there is minimal stigma around it. Then treatments and solutions can be discussed and utilised.

How can we help with your health?

What are the main erectile dysfunction treatment options? Outside the oral medications, there are several treatments. Hypnosis can be used for performance anxiety and erectile disfunction. It can assist the mind to achieve a more relaxed, less anxious state, and then to focus on achieving and maintaining an erection. Hypnosis can also focus on the psychological issues that prevent the subject attaining an erection.

Men’s health at 40

As men attain certain age thresholds, different health-related issues can be begin to occur. 40 years is a milestone where men may start to experience issues with their vision, erectile function, weight, cholesterol, thyroid, colon and many more. Nutritional knowledge and support become even more important now, so regular check-ins with your doctor and naturopath are vital.

Men’s health issues at 50

At 50 years of age, health checks are even more important. Men 50 years and over should have a number of things checked out by health professionals, such as blood tests, cholesterol, hepatitis, blood sugar level, testosterone levels, muscle strength, bone density and many more. Regular check-ins with your doctor and naturopath are highly recommended.  

Assisting men with all Health Issues in Adelaide

Geraldine Headley at Proactiv Health in Highgate can assist men with the health-related issues and check-ups in many different ways. Contact her for a confidential consultation and she can discuss treatments for ED, cholesterol problems, weight and nutritional issues, quitting smoking and many more through the use of expert nutritional advice and hypnotherapy.