Treat IBS with natural remedies from naturopaths in Adelaide
Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

IBS is something that a lot of people face and are often known to ignore or be very anxious about. The feeling of the stomach being frequently clenched and the constant need to visit the bathroom are a few of the daily issues for people who suffer from IBS. The symptoms differ, and the difference in eating habits and the functionality of the digestive system means people who suffer from IBS display different symptoms. First we look for solutions  through diet and lifestyle change along with natural remedies which are shown to improve symptoms in a lasting way.

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For those who suffer with IBS and visit your naturopath in Adelaide for lasting solutions.

• The immune system reacts differently when it comes to dealing with stress, bacterial infections, wounds, etc.

• People with IBS feel they have a sensitive stomach when compared to those who do not suffer from IBS, sometimes this can be related directly back to a life change or an overseas holiday.

• Women sometimes notice IBS coincides with  hormonal changes.

At IBS Clinic in Adelaide our naturopath combines natural remedies to heal the gut and help repair damage from persistent problems, encouraging diet and lifestyle change which all helps you to recover.

A balanced diet

A diet that consists of junk food such as burgers, fries, alcohol, caffeine, low fibre, fat, carbonated beverages, etc. are known to cause irritation to the digestive system. The gastro-colic reflex is sometimes evident along side irritable bowel, pain in the tummy, contraction in tummy muscles, gas, bloating, etc. Naturopaths in Adelaide are likely to suggest a balanced diet that contains soluble fibre such as leafy vegetables, carrots, French beans along with the right intake of the essential minerals. A full analysis of your current diet and how to combine and create a new supportive diet will be discussed, how to incorporate these changes are a large part of healing and symptom resolution, and full support whilst you undertake these changes is given at the clinic.

The consumption of natural supplements

The naturopaths in Adelaide are known to prescribe alternative medicines such as herbal remedies, these may consist of peppermint and fennel that are known to soothe the irritation of the digestive system. Also the consumption of specific probiotic soluble fibre supplements, calcium and magnesium rich supplements, etc. are known to bring about changes to the problems that patients with IBS face.


Evidence from research demonstrates that Hypnosis is effective at supporting and resolving all forms of pain and particularly the pain of IBS, here at an IBS Clinic in Adelaide we help you to find an effective solution in treating your IBS where with every session, patients get the strength with dealing with their health ailment. Many patients that suffer from IBS are known to suffer from stress, anxiety, panic attacks, sometimes they describe holding their emotions in their stomach, and hypnosis allows them to recover from such a state of mind and start feeling positive about their health. IBS isn’t a problem without a solution, it can be overcome when one is confident about getting rid of it while following a good lifestyle.

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