Herbal Care
Herbal Care
Herbs are medicine and should be considered as such. Herbs in the form of herbal tincture and tablets are available for your specific condition or issue.
Herbal teas are enjoyable and are encouraged as a great way to increase your fluid intake and gain immense benefits for your body and mind.
Medical Herbalism has a long successful tradition of use, there is now a huge amount of scientific evidence we can access for many conditions supporting past use and finding new uses for age old herbs.
Each herbal mixture is very specific for you, with over 250 tinctures to choose from in my rooms there is something for everyone and almost every condition.
Herbal appointments are 2-3 weekly for the first 3 appointments then generally move to monthly before settling at 6 weekly then periodic review appointments. All Naturopathic, Nutritional and Herbal appointment are partly claimable through your private health care rebate if you have eligible cover.
Call me today on 0410 148 503 for more information about nutrition and the use of naturopathy.