Hypnosis and Weight Loss – can it work?

How does it work? – What do we do?

How does Hypnosis work?  You make the commitment to change, and we work together to make it happen!

Geraldine’s job is to support you to achieve the goals, in a sensible, positive and long lasting way.

First appointment is a full fact-finding appointment, we talk about your health and your diet. Lifestyle and diet changes are important and supported with ideas and easy changes you can make. We’ll look at supplements and herbs and decided if you need them.

  • Are you digesting your food?
  • Do you suffer with constipation?
  • Is flatulence a problem?
  • Do you have stomach pain or bloating?

Second appointment – we talk about the changes we needed you to make and how you got on. Dietary and lifestyle changes along with what life is throwing at you right now!

What you could and couldn’t implement are an important part of the picture.  Life sometimes gets in the way, do you have the support you need to reach your goals?  What’s holding you back from your success?

Third appointment – hypnosis sessions start. Getting the foundation right with your underlying health issues, is our first priority. This is only a month from the first appointment – we don’t rush real change.

Fourth appointment – 6 weeks after you started your journey.  Diet and lifestyle changes, alongside your hypnosis sessions, in a proactive and positive way.  Supporting you make the changes you need to achieve your goals, is what this is all about.

Subsequent appointments – 3 weekly, with weekly text checkins.  We proactively look at how you’re going, and implement any changes needed. The  addition of hypnosis sessions to reinforce your choices and goals, will occur as you need them.

Hypnosis & weight loss

All sessions are online, with Katrina for dietary and lifestyle support and with Geraldine for hypnosis.

Start with the ‘State of Health Graph’ – it’s the popup on the page here. The start of your journey to well health is here.

Mindset is important – 

How you feel about yourself is important for everything you do, don’t you agree? How do you feel about yourself? It’s the cup half full, cup half empty feeling, which one do you prescribe too?

Give yourself the gift of well-health
Looking after your health together