Certified Naturopath and Hypnotherapist in Adelaide

Highgate Proactive Heath is a local business, owned and operated by Geraldine Headley, an accredited nutritionist, medical herbalist, naturopath and ex-nurse in Unley. Geraldine has been helping clients in Highgate and the surrounding areas to resolve their health issues using natural and self help techniques since 2008.

Geraldine works via Skype as well as face to face appointments in her clinic room

Why Naturopathy?

Feeling tired? Fed up? Had enough of everyone telling you what you should do? Need a fix every afternoon to get through the day? No one understands how you feel? You keep saying “It’s just a phase, things will improve when…” then the goal posts change? Waking during the night? Or waking in the morning unrefreshed and wanting to stay in bed? All of these? Some of these? More than this list… perhaps add bad skin, dreadful breath, smelly gas? Lots you can pinpoint, nothing you can really pinpoint?

Here at Naturopaths Adelaide we understand what you’re going through and have solutions that can fit with your lifestyle and the demands on your time and your energy.

Rather than being sapped, drained and depleted, how would you like to feel? Energised? In control? Happy?

Anxious? Exhausted? Need someone to talk to? Call us for an appointment, or book right here online. We can meet in person or via Zoom or Skype; even FaceTime is a great way of figuring out what you can change today for improvements tomorrow. Each appointment is specific to your needs and can answer those nagging questions. Pay in advance in your own time and know that you have taken the first step to the new you.

Can you imagine the new you?

Can you imagine waking up ready for the day? Can you imagine a great night’s sleep that leaves you refreshed and wanting to sleep in… rather than because you don’t have the energy to get out of bed?

Can you imagine feeling like you did when you were a kid? Or did this start when you were young? And now you feel lost and unsure as to where or why your teenage years weren’t like American television wants us to believe?

It really is time you booked that appointment, now is the hour. You wouldn’t have read all this if you didn’t think it applied to you, so why not take the initiative and make an appointment? Too pushy? You’re clearly too tired not to make an appointment!

Let’s get you back on the road and ready for the start of the new you, the you that you really want to be, not the shadow of the you that you are now. Let’s turn that corner together and get on the road to well-health with Naturopaths Adelaide and the future you want and deserve.

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About Geraldine Headley
Geraldine has a wealth of experience and knowledge in the field of natural healthcare and nutrition. Her past nursing experience and her naturopathic training is a perfect complement to her clients’ own proactive approach to positive health. Combined with Geraldine’s nutritional expertise and her passion for proactive and positive health care has enabled her to help her clients with the majority of their health issues and conditions.
Our treatments
Highgate Proactive Health utilises all the latest technology and techniques to analyse a client’s condition before taking a holistic and proactive approach to resolving their issues. Our treatments are effective for a wide range of ailments and are non-toxic. By taking a Naturopath and Nutritionist’s approach, combined with her past nursing skills, Geraldine is able to work either directly with clients or in conjunction with their medical practitioners/specialists.
Helping people across Australia
Geraldine is happy to consult via Skype or face to face. Geraldine has an honest and open approach to health. Her knowledge of natural healthcare and nutrition coupled with her skill as a hypnotherapist means that you can achieve your goals at a realistic pace.
Naturopathic Approaches
So, you've seen your doctor, and now you've decided to visit a naturopath, what which naturopath should you visit? Aren't all naturopaths the same?

Naturopathic studies consist of anatomy and physiology and learning all about the body. Learning to read research (not as easy as it sounds!) along with how to take a consult, and learn all about you. Alongside all of this, they teach nutrition studies, after nutrition studies the students can leave university as a qualified nutritionist and set up practice.

During study or once qualified should the practitioner wish to continue or go back to study they then select different electives. These electives are what makes each practitioner different, herbal medicine studies, massage, Bach flowers, homeopathy and traditional medicine are all taught so that the practitioner can choose which ‘modalities’ best suit them.

Here at Naturopaths Adelaide having already having been qualified as a nurse for over 10 years, discovering herbal medicine became a focus and joy and being able to share this with you the client makes all that study worthwhile. But the study doesn't stop when the university does! Hypnotherapy was post-graduate diploma as was health coaching. Wanting the best for our clients is the motivating factor behind all this study. Being of real benefit to our clients so that you receive the best possible care.

Each naturopath has different training and study but starts at the same base. You should always check the qualifications of your naturopath, unlike a number of occupations anyone can call themselves a health coach, a hypnotherapist, a naturopath or a herbalist. So, it’s essential that you check the qualifications of your therapist, and this should be easy. Certificates should be clearly displayed along with the practitioner’s police check, association membership certificates and Health Commission Complaints forms here in Australia.

If you have any questions, please drop me a line or comment on my blog and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.
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