IBS Clinic
It is often quoted that we are what we eat and from an accredited nutritionist’s point of view, I wholeheartedly embrace this line of thinking. Here at IBS Clinics in Adelaide we look closely at what and when you eat, recommending the Mediterranean diet but making specific suggestions for your individual case .

Many of the clients that have visited Highgate Proactive Health have been amazed at the difference a few lifestyle changes can make to their overall health. Educated and informed choices have often achieved a great deal more than other forms of treatment that often address the symptom rather than the root causes. It can take a course of supplements along with meal choice changes to achieve the new you that you so desire.

At the IBS Clinic Adelaide, we offer a wide range of natural remedies to deal with any health issues you may be experiencing. Please take a look through the services and FAQ’s to see what treatments may be right for you, if you are unsure please ring us for a chat.