Health Coaching – for a happier you
Health Coaching
Health coaching, wellness coaching and life coaching is a process whereby you set achievable goals that facilitate sustainable behaviour change.  As you challenge yourself to develop the inner you, you can identify your inner values and work towards what you want from life, turning your goals into actions.
By seeing a qualified health coach you are mentored to motivate and cultivate positive and proactive health choices. Through education and support you are helped achieve your personal wellness and lifestyle goals.
Health Coaching is undertaken in a package format. 6 one hour appointments with additional phone and email support throughout this phase for your growth and development.
As Geraldine has multiple qualifications so you are able to access all areas of her expertise and training to facilitate your progress and resolutions. As a result Geraldine makes your goals more achievable and realistic as she is able to support you through all areas of change within her scope of practice.
Call me today on 0410 148 503 for more information about nutrition and the use of naturopathy in combination with health coaching.