Diet and Nutrition

Nutritional Medicine
Nutritional Medicine is the use of nutritional supplements to prevent and resolve ill health issues. Pain and discomfort from arthritis for example can be dramatically improved with the use of supplements and herbs as well as exercise and physical therapy. Geraldine has many trusted practitioners and doctors that she can refer you to if you need additional support. Nutrition support is available in many ways, including hypnosis and meal planning as well as a full assessment and ongoing support.
Offering a wide range of natural remedies to help with health issues you may be experiencing. Please take a look at the pages and blogs on our site and discover what we can do for you.
Diet planning, don’t you hate being told what to eat? Diet is just Die with a T…
Well we don’t do that! We make your diet accessible to you, the way you want to eat and behave are all taken into consideration, we don’t use the one-size fits all mentality. We look at your current diet and make subtle and sustainable changes that you want to make yourself. Offering full education as to why these changes are necessary, you’ll end up changing more than you ever thought possible!
We are what we eat and we are here to help you achieve your outcomes in a holistic and realistic way, you’ll still be enjoying your life after your visit with us.
Why do we call ourselves holistic? Because you arrive with a whole list of issues! We actively support your recovery and well-health needs in a positive and proactive way. Supporting your goal setting and your aims. The word ‘fail’ is never used here, we reassess and reset using everything at our disposal to support your needs.