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Beat Cold & Flu at Our IBS Clinic in Adelaide
Lowered immunity is very common.

High levels of stress along with nutritional deficiencies can leave your immune system poorly functioning. Signs of low immunity include picking up every cold, flu or virus going around and also having a poor recovery time from illness with lots of symptoms. Symptoms vary, and everyone suffers illnesses differently, ‘man flu’ being a case in point! Why visit IBS clinic in Adelaide if you have the flu? Because your immune health is often related to your gut health.

If this sounds like you, or if you simply want to prevent getting sick then I can certainly help you. There are many effective natural remedies that can be used to support your health. There is also a lot of rubbish on the market and being able to figure out the differences is where many years of training and research come into effect. There is a lot of science behind both herbal and nutritional supplements to help keep you fit and healthy, but we need a good base from which to work, and that’s what we’ll work on together to get you in great health, with lots of energy and vitality to keep you going and avoiding as many germs as possible!

  • Reduce the duration and severity of colds.
  • Boost your immunity so that you don’t get sick as often.
  • Relieve cold and flu symptoms such as a sore throat, runny nose and cough.
  • Resolving: tonsillitis, gastritis, otitis, bursitis, pleuritis, arthritis, dermatitis.
  • Making stomach issues a thing of the past.

naturopaths in Adelaide

Just a few “itis” that I can sort out with you, without you resorting to antibiotics, just as we like to reduce the likelihood of the cold progressing and requiring antibiotics. So many problems can be dealt with without using antibiotics which the world is becoming resistant to as I’m sure you’re aware. Also avoiding steroids is imperative as their side effects can often be just as horrible as the initial problem that you want to resolve!

Avoiding Antibiotics – colds are a virus not a bacteria!

Unlike antibiotics which kill off beneficial bacteria in the digestive system (which weakens immunity), nutritional and herbal medicines provided by our naturopaths in Adelaide help to enhance your own natural immunity, which helps to fight off invaders and reduce symptoms. Antibiotics only work against bacteria. A virus is usually the source of your cold or flu and we have herbal medicines that have been proven to break down viruses and support you to get better faster. Here at IBS clinic in Adelaide we know how to support your digestion which will in turn support your immunity.

If you have taken antibiotics repeatedly in the past, and your resistance to infection isn’t as good as your friends then a naturopathic appointment at our IBS clinic in Adelaide would be extremely beneficial to your long-term health and should be booked as soon as possible so we can get you on the road to good health and help you spend less on your illness as each day passes. Money saved from medication purchase and days off work will mean you have more to spend on yourself in the long term.

Don’t suffer from cold or flu symptoms any longer!

Did you know that hypnosis is shown to strengthen the immune system? Research undertaken here in Australia indicates that individuals with HIV and lowered T-cell count (it’s a kind of lymphocyte (a white blood cell subtype) that is essential for cell-mediated immunity and are distinguished by the presence of a T-cell receptor on their surface). Why is this little bit of science jargon important to you? Well, it means that we can increase your ability to get well and repair after illness and injury!

Hypnosis sessions can be undertaken via Skype in the comfort of your own home, if you are based outside of Australia, you may well be able to work the time zone to suit your needs. I’m easily contactable and happy to discuss your needs via email. Please contact me via my website and let’s get started on the new you and the future you wish to carve for yourself.

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