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Your Health is Your Wealth!

Let’s compare your blood-flow to your car engine oil. Now think of all the adverts you see on the television about how you need to clean your oil and take a moment to ask yourself why you put your cars health ahead of your own health? Your health IS your wealth!

Easy Changes to put wealth into your health:

Salad, summer or winter, it’s a great way to get fresh vegetables into you. Add olive oil and apple cider vinegar and you’ll enjoy the health benefits of both with your lunch every day and if you add some ginger for warming and circulation, your salad quickly takes your tastebuds to the next level.

Let’s not forget a protein portion to keep you feeling full and contented. Fish perhaps for the omega content or perhaps tofu or beans if you fancy the vegetarian option and they add fibre to your diet. Fibre in your diet helps your bowels to function. No one wants a blocked exhaust pipe! Beans, properly washed and soaked add a number of wonderful nutrients to you diet. The carbs are a slow burn, low GI, they are ‘nutrient dense’, which means that there are more nutrients per mouthful than from processed & packaged foods.

Which diet suits you best?

There are many diets out we’re being told about… Paleo for example: well we don’t really know what paleo man ate as he couldn’t leave us any messages other than their food scrap heaps (middens) and partly decomposed stomach remains. All these pointed to a very varied diet, gains, pulses, meats, etc. we are the ones with the limited diet as we are not on the move with the seasons but rather import our foods and eat what we fancy when we fancy it rather than when and what the environment allows.

Diet and Nutrition

Long term research over many populations and including the greatest number of people clearly demonstrate that the Mediterranean diet, with its fresh fruits, vegetables, beans, pulses, fish, very occasional meat, exercise, laughter, dancing and occasional religious fasting is the very best diet to live a long and healthy life. Did you notice that what it doesn’t contain is processed foods, imported foods and pre-packaged food.

I didn’t realise it wasn’t tomato season until I heard someone mention it the other day, and I do have a small garden that I attempt to grow things in (I’m not very good at it really). The supermarket and greengrocers still have as many on display as they do during our local season, but eating seasonally is better for our environmental footprint as well as meaning we get the freshest food available, and it doesn’t need to travel far to arrive on your plate.

Make your salad fresh and local:

Summer salad with leafy greens, strawberries, zucchini, chickpeas and goats cheese perhaps?

Winter salad may have apple, celery, radishes, roasted pumpkin with pine-nuts, almonds, cranberries and slithers of parmesan cheese.
Both can have olive oil and apple cider vinegar as the dressing, perhaps add some horseradish or mustard to warm it up in winter.
There are many quick and simple ways of taking our food with us to work and eating in a simple and cost effective manner.


Eating – seasonally is cheaper as there is an abundance of that fruit or vegetable available in the shops.

Ahead – shop ahead of time, prepare your recipes and ingredients list ahead of time, so you know you have everything ready to go when you need it.

Time – prepare ahead of time, whilst you’re are making your evening meal, prepare Burcher muesli or a chia pod for breakfast and your salad, without the dressing for your lunch. Ready to snatch from the fridge as you rush out the door!

Reducing Anxiety Naturally

Reducing Anxiety Naturally – Case Study

Anxiety Treatment in Adelaide
Life is tough, lets not kid ourselves otherwise.

There are many reasons for anxiety, some obvious, some not so obvious. Trying to sort out our issues is an ongoing day to day task. Reducing anxiety naturally has many different aspects and one-size doesn’t always fit all.

My neighbour is a case in point. Everything was going really well, then her son got the flu, so she took time off work to care for him, then she got sick. So she felt really ill, then really down, she’d not been able to work for 15 days and had no leave or sick-pay available from her job. Then she started to worry and slowly the downward spiral started to cause anxiety.

This Illness for her, brought on a state of anxiety which she had not known before. The result of the flu virus weakened her and reduced her energy levels. So she felt her mental capacity was reduced and  her anxiety took hold. She started buying pre-packaged food and worried constantly about the future.

She spoke to me about it and we worked out some strategies for her to review her bills, speaking to her service providers about part payments. Next we looked at her nutritional status and optimal vitamin status, and lastly did some positive thinking exercises.

So easy I hear you say, or perhaps you are thinking reducing anxiety naturally my foot! Thats just organising her, why couldn’t she do it herself, seems obvious to me!

Sometimes we need to ask for help, simple.

So my neighbour asked for help as we were chatting in the street, because of my background I was able to help. What if she had asked another friend? Well that friend would have probably given the same suggestions regarding finances. Would they have been trained to suggest nutritional changes that didn’t break the budget but rather helped her to budget?

Because she’s a friend as well as a neighbour, I gave her 2 hypnotherapy sessions to get her thought patterns back on track. Unfortunately the supplements she had bought over the last few months, just weren’t worth the money she had spent. Product quality from the shops just isn’t the same as when you see a practitioner.

The products on her shelves were vitamins C, D, E and 2 different multi B’s, a few cold and flu remedies and some really dire party plan probiotics.

How to sort the wheat from the chaff.

The vitamin C was just ascorbic acid, not much good unless you’re trying to preserve jam really. Ascorbic acid will however make you ‘go’ if you’re constipated, so it does have a use. As it was in tablet form it could be taken with the multi-vitamin. One of these had a number of minerals etc which would mean more of the vitamin C was ‘bio-available’ to the body. When you’re buying vitamin C you need to make sure there are multiple forms and something to aid uptake or recirculation, otherwise you really are just flushing your money down the loo!

The multi-vitamins looked good. The packaging was impressive. The marketing unique. The pills themselves unfortunately were no better than what is available in the supermarket, considering the price she paid it was a very poor deal. To gain enough from the ingredients we needed to double the dose and hope that she didn’t have any genetic issues with some of the ingredients. Thankfully she was fine, just a very expensive sort of fine!

Vitamin D:

Vitamin D; her’s was a very overpriced basic quality product. Oversold by the party plan multi level marketer. It was listed as ‘in a solution with vegetable oil’ – Vitamin D & E, unlike vitamin C are a ‘fat soluble’  vitamins, so should be taken with foods containing fats or in a solution containing them. Although in saying that some practitioner products are micelles form, but that’s another story.

Vegetable oil… often Palm Oil, as it’s cheap. It’s not cheap on the environment though, whether it’s from ‘renewable resources’ or not. Yep, that’s another full story as well! “Oh but, it’s only a tiny bit I’m taking”… yeh, on a daily basis, along with lots of other hood-winked people, which makes it more than a ‘tiny-bit’! Olive oil there is evidence for taking, fish oil is great, but vegetable oil??? Nope!

Thankfully the D & E  were both out of date, so we discussed being conned, rather than about taking them! Vitamin D is best absorbed at lunchtime, 10 minutes of UVB, rather than the harming UVA in the morning. So it’s better for you, lunch on the front verandah for her when home, and outside when at work. Easy switch. Did you know if you put your mushrooms out in the sun, frills up they make a massive amount of vitamin D for you to have in your mushroom stroganoff?

Vitamin E, some basics:

Vitamin E like vitamin D is available in our diet. I’ve just googled and copied and pasted the search page:

  • 1) Almonds. 1 oz: 7.3 mg (27% DV)
  • 2) Spinach. 1 bunch: 6.9 mg (26% DV)
  • 3) Sweet Potato. 1 Tbsp: 4.2 mg (15% DV)
  • 4) Avocado. 1 whole: 2.7 mg (10% DV)
  • 5) Wheat germ. 1 ounce: 4.5 mg (17% DV)
  • 6) Sunflower seeds. 2 Tbsp: 4.2 mg (15% DV)

So one ounce of almonds at my house is 20 almonds. I always eat more than a tablespoon of sweet potato. One bunch of spinach is easy. So I can easily reach my daily value without really trying.

So… Reducing Anxiety Naturally?

My neighbour made some diet changes and received the support she needed from a friend. The support and understanding from creditors helped considerably.

She changed her thought processes to positive ones. Every time she had a negative thought she wrote the positive alternative on a post-it-note. Then she posted them around her house on mirrors, the fridge and beside her bed.

As her nutrition improved so did her energy levels; processed food although quick and easy, often lacks basic nutrients due to cooking and storage processes. Her lentil soups with spinach, nettles (from the garden) herbs and bone broth are nutrient dense. Bones bought direct from the farmer at the market are cheap & delicious. Bones cooked overnight in her crockpot made a nutritious stock base. Adding 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar to cooking improved gelatin, B vitamins, essential amino acids amounts in the stock. Animal nutrients give not only a delicious flavour, but easily increase your nutrient intake, without breaking the budget.

Yes, people often need more than this. Targeted nutrients, comprehensive hypnotherapy, intervention techniques and support. Here is the capacity to start small and work up, ask for help as my neighbour did and see the improvements yourself.


Top 3 Effective Hypnosis Treatments for Those With Anxiety
Reducing Anxiety –

There are many reasons why we suffer from anxiety and everyone suffers in a different way, what gives you anxiety may be completely different to what gives other anxiety, but your anxiety is just as real as theirs and you are suffering a debilitating illness.

Permanent solutions –

Medications may not be a permanent solution for your anxiety issues, you may not want to take them or you simply haven’t yet sought out any other form of help. Geraldine will discuss with you a number of ways to care for yourself and your anxiety issues, she will refer you to other medical professionals should you want her to.

Regaining calm and the balance in your life is something we all try to achieve, but it can be tough to find a way and a therapist that suits you. Over the years, people adapting to more natural ways have started putting their faith in hypnosis as a treatment for anxiety issues, used during wars and conflicts around the globe hypnosis supports your natural recovery. It is the mastery of the brain waves that amalgamates with that of the clients and takes mental relaxation to a different level. Your subconscious is supported and in turn supports you.

Various types of hypnosis:

People all over the world diagnosed as anxiety patients are treated with various types of hypnosis depending on their requirement. The service related to anxiety treatment in Adelaide help the patients to take control of their situations by opting for various kinds of hypnosis. Let us take a closer look at the various types for settling on the best one.

Hypnotherapy: This treatment is undertaken by qualified health professionals, using suggestions that may generate a feeling of peace and optimism among the clients. Moreover, this therapy helps the patients to develop a sense of calmness as well as self-confidence. This hypnosis therapy is effective on those who are dealing with anxiety issues.

Hypnotherapy:It is known to be the most powerful treatments for anxiety issues. The practitioners utilise a set of reliable diagnostic tools for intervening into the troubling thoughts of the clients. Through hypnosis, they try to enable customers in making new decisions in their subconscious mind. However, it is not at all forceful from the practitioners’ part; rather the customers take deliberate decisions in their own mind to support their desire to change and recover.

Self-hypnosis: Self-hypnosis is taught during the hypnosis sessions and is the more preferred process for the patients as well as the practitioners. Under this treatment, clients are taught to hypnotise themselves by following a particular method. The client remains in control and develops calmness inside. The client possesses full control of taking important decisions. Most of the practitioners related to the naturopath in Adelaide enable their clients to develop skills for performing the self-hypnosis treatment. Self-hypnosis helps the patients to access their inner self and live in a peaceful moment.

A myth regarding hypnotic treatment is that clients lose control and make decisions in a hallucinating state. However, this is an entirely wrong perception as it is scientifically proven that people only release their tension during hypnosis, but never falls out of their control. Moreover, they become capable of making better decisions staying in a stress-free zone.

Treat IBS with natural remedies from naturopaths in Adelaide
Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

IBS is something that a lot of people face and are often known to ignore or be very anxious about. The feeling of the stomach being frequently clenched and the constant need to visit the bathroom are a few of the daily issues for people who suffer from IBS. The symptoms differ, and the difference in eating habits and the functionality of the digestive system means people who suffer from IBS display different symptoms. First we look for solutions  through diet and lifestyle change along with natural remedies which are shown to improve symptoms in a lasting way.

Best Naturopath Adelaide

For those who suffer with IBS and visit your naturopath in Adelaide for lasting solutions.

• The immune system reacts differently when it comes to dealing with stress, bacterial infections, wounds, etc.

• People with IBS feel they have a sensitive stomach when compared to those who do not suffer from IBS, sometimes this can be related directly back to a life change or an overseas holiday.

• Women sometimes notice IBS coincides with  hormonal changes.

At IBS Clinic in Adelaide our naturopath combines natural remedies to heal the gut and help repair damage from persistent problems, encouraging diet and lifestyle change which all helps you to recover.

A balanced diet

A diet that consists of junk food such as burgers, fries, alcohol, caffeine, low fibre, fat, carbonated beverages, etc. are known to cause irritation to the digestive system. The gastro-colic reflex is sometimes evident along side irritable bowel, pain in the tummy, contraction in tummy muscles, gas, bloating, etc. Naturopaths in Adelaide are likely to suggest a balanced diet that contains soluble fibre such as leafy vegetables, carrots, French beans along with the right intake of the essential minerals. A full analysis of your current diet and how to combine and create a new supportive diet will be discussed, how to incorporate these changes are a large part of healing and symptom resolution, and full support whilst you undertake these changes is given at the clinic.

The consumption of natural supplements

The naturopaths in Adelaide are known to prescribe alternative medicines such as herbal remedies, these may consist of peppermint and fennel that are known to soothe the irritation of the digestive system. Also the consumption of specific probiotic soluble fibre supplements, calcium and magnesium rich supplements, etc. are known to bring about changes to the problems that patients with IBS face.


Evidence from research demonstrates that Hypnosis is effective at supporting and resolving all forms of pain and particularly the pain of IBS, here at an IBS Clinic in Adelaide we help you to find an effective solution in treating your IBS where with every session, patients get the strength with dealing with their health ailment. Many patients that suffer from IBS are known to suffer from stress, anxiety, panic attacks, sometimes they describe holding their emotions in their stomach, and hypnosis allows them to recover from such a state of mind and start feeling positive about their health. IBS isn’t a problem without a solution, it can be overcome when one is confident about getting rid of it while following a good lifestyle.

Top 3 Methods of Anxiety Treatment in Adelaide

What is anxiety?

Anxiety Treatment in Adelaide
Working together to support anxiety treatment in Adelaide

Anxiety is designed to protect us against anything that threatens our well-being. Sometimes the response of the body to threats is characterised by intense, short-lived and sudden bodily responses which can leave your heart pounding. But it some cases, it can also be prolonged like in situations where people face marital disorders, exams and financial crisis, here we treat the cause not just the symptoms when we look at anxiety treatment Adelaide.

The thing with anxiety is that if it goes on for far too long or is to intense, it can paralyze one’s ability to act, which may lead to depression, insomnia, hypertension, stomach issues such as IBS and overall poor quality of life. In fact, it is estimated that nearly 25% of the population suffer from anxiety disorders at some point in their lives.

Some of the most popular methods of anxiety treatment in Adelaide are:-


Over the years, prescription medication has proven to be a somewhat effective treatment method for anxiety attacks. For people who suffer from anxiety disorders trying at least one medication that helps in reducing the symptoms of anxiety may be sought. However many people find with medication that they are not resolving the issue only masking it. Medications often have side effects, which can either be small or severe in nature. Also, once you start the medication, you may have to continue to take it for long periods of time. Some people self-prescribe herbal medicines, but unfortunately these over the counter medications often have side effects due to the poor ingredient and product quality, here at IBS clinic Adelaide we can support your medication or herbal choices as we support you through your journey of recovery.

Cognitive behavioural therapy

This is a treatment which identifies the thoughts of a person preceding their actions. This way, the thoughts are changed which invariably alters one’s behaviour.

In some forms of mental illness, CBT can be successful but since it doesn’t actually target the emotions, it’s never really been an effective method for anxiety treatment Adelaide. Some evidence suggests success ranges well below 50%, but this technique can take time to take effect.


Over the years, hypnosis has grown to be an extremely effective method for treating anxiety. Through this approach, you can boost your confidence and self-belief along with reducing the feelings of intense worry and fear. People learn what is triggering their anxiety, and work to resolve the issue.

These days, an IBS clinic Adelaide has become the preferred choice for people looking who are suffering from anxiety disorders. But that’s not all; an IBS Clinic can offer you several kinds of naturopathy treatments and a proactive approach to resolving health issues.

Naturopaths in Adelaide – Consult a Health Coach Today

Consult a Health Coach Today – Naturopaths Adelaide

People these days are so engulfed with either their professional and domestic life they often forget that their health needs support to support them into old age. Despite it being at the back of the mind that change is needed to create a  healthy and considerate life, we all get so busy we wonder how we can create change. With the easy access to the Internet, blog, articles, videos, books, naturopaths in Adelaide, etc. people have access to lots of information that is likely to help them lead a good and a healthy lifestyle but somewhere down the line, things are often pushed under the carpet as the stresses of everyday life take over.

Motivation that comes from within is hard to access as we get busier and busier. Leading us to fall prey to health ailments and mental stress that disturbs our equilibrium completely. This is where the role of a health coach comes to the forefront. A health coach is someone who is equipped with the right solutions to help people out of their illnesses naturally. They are trained in motivating you to achieve your goals and helping you realise what is going wrong and where some improvement can be implemented with the least amount of difficulty. While you ponder over the benefits that you are likely to receive from the assistance of a health coach, here are a few things to help you understand the benefits of asking for support:

They help you analyse your lifestyle

While you think, why not get in touch with one, ask some questions, see if naturopaths in Adelaide are the right fit for you. The next step is to sit together to examine the lifestyle that you lead is the one you truly want. They help you in understanding the fact of how you intend to see yourself in the years to come, we use guided visualization and discussion. If you think you are leading a healthy life without any ailments, you could still take help from a health coach and perhaps find out things you never knew.

  • Write out your diet & habits for 7 days – how does it look?
    • Like an Instagram food blog?
    • The same most days?
    • Enough fruit & veg?
    • Is there enough fibre in your diet?
    • What are your bowel habits like?
    • Is there enough good fluid?
    • What are your social interactions like?
    • How much exercise do you do?
    • What’s the quality of the exercise you do?

Seeing your list written down can be very confronting. Do you need help and support to get back on track? If you do, we can help. Short or long term we are here to support you. Face to face or via email or Skype.

You get to set goals

If you want to lose weight and intend to stay fit for the rest of your life, then you may well need support from a health coach  with additional qualifications is nutrition and support. Performing the right exercise, eating the right foods that are healthy for your body and support longevity is how the naturopaths in Adelaide can help you. You get to set goals for yourself where there is someone continuously motivating you and celebrating with you after you achieve every minute goal that you set.

They help you with mental counselling

The role of a heath coach from an IBS Clinic Adelaide isn’t just limited to helping you with bringing about changes to your lifestyle and the foods that you consume. They are also the ones who would help you sort out emotional and mental troubles if any. They act as your friend, philosopher and guide working with you to find solutions to the problems that you face. They are the ones who would not just be present by you physically but would also extend their help over a telephonic conversation, emails and other forms of communication ensuring the fact that you aren’t left alone pondering over your problems.

Naturopaths in Adelaide – Weight loss support you can trust

Are you having problems losing weight? Many patients we see here at the naturopath in Adelaide often have chronic health issues resulting in excessive weight. Did you know that PCOS and hormonal issues can cause problems with your weight loss goals?

Often people have been on countless diets only to regain all or more weight resulting in overwhelming frustration and often depression. Is this you? Do you have those feelings of failure and worthlessness around your body image and weight loss? That extra weight as you know will have detrimental influences on your physical and psychological well-being; catch 22, now you feel bad about yourself again? Don’t, it’s time to come in or Skype for a consultation to learn why things are going wrong and how to get back on track and regain your confidence in yourself, your body and your future.

There are numerous reasons as to why you may have gained excess body fat, have problems losing weight, or maintaining your weight after dieting, other than lifestyle and eating habits. Naturopathy is based on treating the cause of health issues and not just the symptoms; the same approach applies when addressing weight problems, the cause needs to be found and treated before adequate and life long weight control can be achieved.

Do you suffer from any of these issues? Some of the causes for resistant weight loss, regaining weight after dieting are:

  • Insulin Resistance
  • Thyroid Gland Dysfunction
  • Sex Hormone Imbalances
  • Fatty Liver
  • Toxicity
  • Inflammation
  • Stress
  • Depression
  • Genetic Influences
  • Abnormal Appetite Regulation
  • Medication Related
  • Anxiety and emotional eating
  • Insomnia

Not only can these have an impact on your body composition, but also affect your health and well-being, thus treating your weight issues will often also correct many other health issues you may be suffering from at the same time. Our Natural Weight Loss Programs include an assessment of your medical history, dietary habits, insomnia and sleep habits and pathology testing to find out what may be the cause of your weight problems.

If your weight gain is purely caused by over eating around Christmas or during holidays then this can easily be corrected with a gentle detox/cleansing program and some extra physical activities with the guidance of our naturopath in Adelaide, Southern Suburbs along with hypnosis, to be completed ideally at least once or twice per year. Beware of quick weight loss programs or detox options from a retail shop or chemist as these generally only make you lose lots of water weight and muscle, which can initiate the commonly experienced cycle of weight loss followed by more weight gain. Want to start right away? The Mediterranean diet is the diet we recommend here at naturopath in Adelaide as this diet is supported with real evidence from many years and population groups.

Beat Cold & Flu at Our IBS Clinic in Adelaide
Lowered immunity is very common.

High levels of stress along with nutritional deficiencies can leave your immune system poorly functioning. Signs of low immunity include picking up every cold, flu or virus going around and also having a poor recovery time from illness with lots of symptoms. Symptoms vary, and everyone suffers illnesses differently, ‘man flu’ being a case in point! Why visit IBS clinic in Adelaide if you have the flu? Because your immune health is often related to your gut health.

If this sounds like you, or if you simply want to prevent getting sick then I can certainly help you. There are many effective natural remedies that can be used to support your health. There is also a lot of rubbish on the market and being able to figure out the differences is where many years of training and research come into effect. There is a lot of science behind both herbal and nutritional supplements to help keep you fit and healthy, but we need a good base from which to work, and that’s what we’ll work on together to get you in great health, with lots of energy and vitality to keep you going and avoiding as many germs as possible!

  • Reduce the duration and severity of colds.
  • Boost your immunity so that you don’t get sick as often.
  • Relieve cold and flu symptoms such as a sore throat, runny nose and cough.
  • Resolving: tonsillitis, gastritis, otitis, bursitis, pleuritis, arthritis, dermatitis.
  • Making stomach issues a thing of the past.

naturopaths in Adelaide

Just a few “itis” that I can sort out with you, without you resorting to antibiotics, just as we like to reduce the likelihood of the cold progressing and requiring antibiotics. So many problems can be dealt with without using antibiotics which the world is becoming resistant to as I’m sure you’re aware. Also avoiding steroids is imperative as their side effects can often be just as horrible as the initial problem that you want to resolve!

Avoiding Antibiotics – colds are a virus not a bacteria!

Unlike antibiotics which kill off beneficial bacteria in the digestive system (which weakens immunity), nutritional and herbal medicines provided by our naturopaths in Adelaide help to enhance your own natural immunity, which helps to fight off invaders and reduce symptoms. Antibiotics only work against bacteria. A virus is usually the source of your cold or flu and we have herbal medicines that have been proven to break down viruses and support you to get better faster. Here at IBS clinic in Adelaide we know how to support your digestion which will in turn support your immunity.

If you have taken antibiotics repeatedly in the past, and your resistance to infection isn’t as good as your friends then a naturopathic appointment at our IBS clinic in Adelaide would be extremely beneficial to your long-term health and should be booked as soon as possible so we can get you on the road to good health and help you spend less on your illness as each day passes. Money saved from medication purchase and days off work will mean you have more to spend on yourself in the long term.

Don’t suffer from cold or flu symptoms any longer!

Did you know that hypnosis is shown to strengthen the immune system? Research undertaken here in Australia indicates that individuals with HIV and lowered T-cell count (it’s a kind of lymphocyte (a white blood cell subtype) that is essential for cell-mediated immunity and are distinguished by the presence of a T-cell receptor on their surface). Why is this little bit of science jargon important to you? Well, it means that we can increase your ability to get well and repair after illness and injury!

Hypnosis sessions can be undertaken via Skype in the comfort of your own home, if you are based outside of Australia, you may well be able to work the time zone to suit your needs. I’m easily contactable and happy to discuss your needs via email. Please contact me via my website and let’s get started on the new you and the future you wish to carve for yourself.

Comparisons Between Naturopaths and Conventional Doctors
What is Naturopathy?
Naturopath Adelaide Southern Suburbs
Getting the right advice and support will hopefully keep you out of hospital.

Naturopathy is a title and degree qualification (please check your naturopath has qualifications) however anyone can say they are a naturopath, your plumber can say he’s a naturopath! He does after all deal with drains, plumbing & outlet channels, just as we will ask about your digestion and your poo! Herbalists and naturopaths have been around since time immemorial,  we make use of natural healing methods to help you get well. Here at naturopath Adelaide Southern Suburbs we undergo undergraduate and post-graduation training on naturopathy making us accredited professionals that treat patients in a natural and positive way.

Conventional treatment Vs Natural treatment

Whenever you feel ill or notice severe symptoms in yourself, the first person to rush to is a doctor who would see the way you look at that moment and the symptoms that you face. They will do essential tests and treat you appropriately and possibly give you medicines essential for your recovery. For extreme health disorders, these medicines do turn out to be life-saving which is wonderful, your doctor may then ask you to loose weight, get some exercise, change your diet etc. so by making an appointment here you are making a commitment to your future. Your medical practitioner will be thrilled to see you being so proactive and wanting to become well, happy and active again. As an ex-nurse as well as a nutritionist, herbalist and naturopath we have the resources and knowledge to support your recovery and road to well health in conjunction with your doctor. Each appointment is 45 minutes to 1 hour, so that by the time you leave you will understand the changes your doctor needs you to make to get better and be receiving the support you need to achieve your aims.

Naturopath Adelaide Southern Suburbs we are available via Skype for consultations if you’re not local.

Natural health treatments suggested by accredited an naturopath are known to have a long lasting and positive effect on the body. Your doctor has diagnosed your problem, we will help you understand it.  By understanding what actually led to this generation of the health problems and not just suppressing the present symptoms you will have a road map to longevity and well health that is specific for you and your problems. Whenever you have an appointment with a naturopath Adelaide Southern Suburbs, you have an hour dedicated to you as we want to know all about you and spend time doing additional research into your problem so we can really understand your needs. The questionnaires include the details of your food habits, the lifestyle that you lead, your daily routine, the levels of pressure you receive from both the domestic as well as the professional front along with troubles that you may face with relationships, medical history both current and past as well and your health goals will be discussed.

The difference in the appointment types

Not always will you obtain a prescription consisting of botanical medicine or supplement to help you with your ailment, as not all illnesses require medicines to heal them. Other natural therapies used here include hypnosis and helping you set up a diet that suits you. Correcting your lifestyle in a supportive way, helping you with counseling sessions and anxiety treatment Adelaide that are likely to help you gain normalcy and get rid of ill health without always consuming medicines. Natural healing wouldn’t take place within a day’s time or with one magic pill, our aim is to get rid of the problem from its roots, or to stabilise the problem so you can enjoy life again.

Naturopaths in Adelaide support people of all age groups. Each and every medicine is prescribed on an ethical, nutritional, herbal and academic knowledge base. Natural therapies, prescribed by an accredited natural therapist are suitable for all ages and are made specifically to suit you and your condition. Each appointment is unique, just as you are unique.

Skype Clinical Hypnosis for Insomnia with Naturopaths in Adelaide
Isn’t it incredibly annoying how you can’t sleep?

All your preparation (or lack thereof) for bed has come to naught. Sleeplessness… you know it’s going to happen yet you can do nothing about it? All you really want to a full night’s sleep, something you’ve not had for the longest time, perhaps frustration boils within you making it even harder to fall asleep? You don’t want to take tablets as they can often make you feel groggy in the morning and it just doesn’t feel like you’ve gone to sleep all, it feels chemically induced without the resultant refreshing afterglow of a real night’s sleep. Insomnia, how we hate it!

Hypnosis for Insomnia

image courtesy:

This is where some Skype sessions with Geraldine in Australia can help you. Time zones are in your favour, you can be seen when you need to be seen… When you’re preparing for bed, late in the evening when you know your head is still too full for sleep to be a possibility. Mix hypnosis with a desire to sleep and in just a few sessions you’ll be able to achieve your dreams!

In the first session with Geraldine we’ll go through your diet and lifestyle together, this is a theme through each consult, as there are many issues that lead up to sleepless nights, many that you are aware of, but are too tired to think of an answer to whilst you are so sleep deprived.

Foods can be a major trigger to sleep loss as can alcohol, coffee and other stimulants although you may not realise it at the time. Working right up to bedtime is often an issue with people as their minds are still active from all the work they have undertaken on the computer or on the phone. Not doing anything… Strange but true can be another reason for not sleeping, you’re so tired you laze in front of the television which stimulates the eyes and some of the brain but really not much else… Have you tried yoga or meditation?

Did you know you use more calories reading a book than watching the TV?

Each session will our naturopaths in Adelaide end with a hypnosis session, the first consult will only be a short relaxation session to get you used to the idea that you are in control that nothing will happen that you don’t want to happen. Clinical or medical hypnosis has grounding in ethics, unlike stage hypnosis a deep sense of relaxation and calm come with experiencing hypnosis. You’ll learn self-hypnosis with Geraldine enabling you to undertake this deeply relaxing and satisfying experience whenever you need to. You’ll learn about yourself in your own way and in your own time. Being able to communicate with an accredited practitioner means you know you are in the right hands.

So here’s a rundown of what to expect from your sessions:

  • Lifestyle and diet discussion with a plan for changes you’ll need to make for yourself (baby steps, at your own pace, no great leaps, don’t worrying!) short 10 minute relaxing hypnosis session.
  • Lifestyle & diet discussion, what worked and what didn’t, how we change and or improve on your wellness homework. Slightly longer hypnosis session, 15 minutes including some deepening and communication.
  • Short lifestyle & diet discussion with a 40 minute hypnosis session where you learn self hypnosis and make specific suggestions/requests to aid you in your day today life
  • Reinforce self-hypnosis learning; discuss how things are going and areas to be improved.

The first 4 sessions with our Naturopath Adelaide Southern Suburbs are planned quite close together and paid for as a group prior to commencement of the sessions via direct deposit. The fifth and subsequent sessions are support sessions and planned ahead (booked at the initial booking times) but paid just prior to session commencement. These sessions are similar to the first session format in that it’s a short hypnosis session, now reinforcing your own abilities rather than teaching them, but works on your diet and lifestyle changes supporting you to continue your new found self awareness and proven ability to change