Certified Naturopath and Hypnotherapist in Adelaide

Highgate Proactive Heath is a local business, owned and operated by Geraldine Headley, an accredited nutritionist, medical herbalist, naturopath and ex-nurse in Unley. Geraldine has been helping clients in Highgate and the surrounding areas to resolve their health issues using natural and self help techniques since 2008.

Geraldine works via Skype as well as face to face appointments in her clinic room
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About Geraldine Headley
Geraldine has a wealth of experience and knowledge in the field of natural healthcare and nutrition. Her past nursing experience and her naturopathic training is a perfect complement to her clients’ own proactive approach to positive health. Combined with Geraldine’s nutritional expertise and her passion for proactive and positive health care has enabled her to help her clients with the majority of their health issues and conditions.
Our treatments
Highgate Proactive Health utilises all the latest technology and techniques to analyse a client’s condition before taking a holistic and proactive approach to resolving their issues. Our treatments are effective for a wide range of ailments and are non-toxic. By taking a Naturopath and Nutritionist’s approach, combined with her past nursing skills, Geraldine is able to work either directly with clients or in conjunction with their medical practitioners/specialists.
Helping people across Australia
Geraldine is happy to consult via Skype or face to face. Geraldine has an honest and open approach to health. Her knowledge of natural healthcare and nutrition coupled with her skill as a hypnotherapist means that you can achieve your goals at a realistic pace.
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